How do European Agri and Forest Cooperatives achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals?

European Agri and Forest Cooperatives in 3 questions

1- Who are they ?

European farmers are members of agri-cooperatives. Agricultural and forest cooperatives empower farmers to go from the land to the market, anticipating customers and consumers’ needs. They improve farmers’ position in the supply chain and collectively design tomorrow’s agriculture.

2- What do they do ?

agri and forest cooperatives enable farmers to do those things that they cannot get done individually. Cooperatives pool farmers resources in certain areas of activity, provide various services and advises. They also add value to produce and market it with an integrated approach, creating economy of scale.

3- Why are they important ?

men and women are employed by agri and forest cooperatives in the EU. European agri-cooperatives are values-led organisations. They actively contribute to the achievement of the 17 United Nation's Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) by innovating and creating social, economic and environmental benefits.

European agricultural and forest cooperatives tick all the SDGs boxes - Check it out!

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“Our agri-cooperatives have built a resilient business model that allows our enterprises to prosper and grow. We create sustainable value for our farmer-owners, employees, consumers, and more importantly for the communities where we operate in.”

Thomas Magnusson

Cogeca's President


“With their market-driven business models and investments on innovative technologies and products, agri-coops empower farmer-members, are at the forefront of consumers-led nutrition trends and contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs. ”

Pekka Pesonen

Copa and Cogeca Secretary General


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